San Jacinto Wildlife Area 2020 Dove Season Opening Day Results

On Tuesday, September 1st, the San Jacinto Wildlife Area opening day of the 2020 dove season dawned sort of cool and slightly foggy.  By sundown 134 hunters had visited San Jacinto in pursuit of the little buff colored birds, resulting in a total of 171 dove harvested.  The average bag came out to 1.28 birds per hunter.  That was slightly down from last year’s average of 1.46.   Pretty typical for SJWA as it isn’t really known as a dove hot spot.  There were some hunters that left with a goose…egg, a few were able to harvest several, and some bagged 1 or 2 or so.  So, as usual for San Jacinto, it wasn’t wide open on the dove, but it wasn’t too bad.  It did give a big group of people a place close to home to give it at least a couple hours of effort and maybe scratch out a few birds.  Especially true for those that couldn’t put in a whole day or more to drive down to Niland or Brawley.

San Jacinto is opened for dove hunting until the end of the first half of the dove season on Tuesday, September 15th.  Thursday (September 3rd) is the last day the waterfowl side of SJ will be opened for dove hunting so, if you want to give the waterfowl side a try for dove hunting you only have tomorrow, Thursday, September 3rd to give it a try as I write this.  Also, don’t forget that it’s non-toxic (steel) shot only for all hunting everywhere again this year so don’t mistakenly bring along any lead shot shells.  That’s a big no-no.

Also, while I’ve got your attention, San Jacinto needs palm fronds to complete brushing up the waterfowl area’s blinds for the duck opener, which is Saturday, October 24th.    The next volunteer blind brush-up work day is set for Saturday, October 3rd.   Check the below link for info on the work day and/or for info regarding bringing in some palm fronds any time before the work day.

October 3rd is also pretty close to the duck season opener so volunteering to help out will give you an opportunity to do a little scouting for the duck opener.  By then conditions should be fairy close to what they’ll be on the opener.

If you have any questions about either subject or want to make arrangements to drop of some palm fronds contact Tom Trakes at (951) 236-3040 or the SJ Staff at (951) 928-0580.



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