Last-Minute Items Requested for SJWA’s Saturday, Oct. 3rd Brush Up Day.

Tom Trakes of the San Jacinto Wildlife has asked me to pass along the following for anyone planning on attending this Saturday’s, October 3rd, volunteer work day.  Tom advised that they need to clean up some overgrown walkways out to some of the blinds and they also need to do some carpentry work on the Mobility Impaired blinds.  To is asking that anyone that has pruners to bring them along and if a couple people have chain saws, (and know how to safely use them) they would be a great help also.  If a couple of the volunteers have carpentry skills Tom also requested that you bring along some of your carpentry tools as the two Mobility Impaired blinds at SJ need some repair also.

As always, palm fronds are still needed so if you. Can bring along a few of those that would be great also. 

Details on the Volunteer Workday can be found here (just so I don’t have to re-type everything).

If you still have any questions you can contact Tom Trakes at the San Jacinto headquarters at (951) 236-3040, or the San Jacinto staff at (951) 928-0580.

Here’s hoping we have at least as good a turnout as last time so we can get the work done early before it gets really hot.  Don’t forget plenty of water, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant. 

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