Large Group of Volunteers Show Up for San Jacinto’s Volunteer Blind Clean Up / Work Day Saturday, October 3rd

About 40 volunteers were in attendance bright and early on Saturday, October 3rd at the SJWA check station parking lot for this year’s final volunteer clean-up/blind brush-up work day. After a short appropriately socially distanced meeting in the lot Tom sent the volunteers to their assignments to clean-up, repair, and brush-up several of the hunting area’s blinds.  One of the main goals of this work day was to clean out the excess growth on the dike leading to the Mobility Impaired blinds.  Several blinds were also repaired and brushed up with palm fronds

Tom and his crew at SJWA, (along with myself), would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that showed up and worked so hard to get things in ship-shape for the fast approaching waterfowl season. 

After the work day, some of the volunteers retired to Marcello’s Pizza Restaurant for a well-deserved lunch.

The volunteers on these work days are essential.  Even more so this year than usual due to COVID restrictions and the SJ staff’s small crew this year.  I know that everyone the utilizes the San Jacinto Wildlife Area appreciates the effort and the volunteers deserve a big “think you”.

Tom told me that they will soon have the plan finalized for the changes in check-in procedures, sweatline, and refill for this season due to the COVID restrictions.  As soon as SoCalHunt has the info it will be posted here.  Watch for it soon.

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