Toxic Algae Found at San Jacinto Wildlife Area – Use Caution – Leave the Dog at Home

Tom Trakes of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area advised that water testing done at the Wildlife Area has shown elevated levels of toxic Algae in the ponds at SJWA and also on Mystic lake.  This algae can be dangerous and has the potential to harm people and kill animals.  Tom advised me that the algae tested within dangerous levels at the southeastern end of Mystic lake, near Bridge Street, and within Caution levels on the rest of Mystic Lake and just about all the ponds on SJWA. 

The most important message here, for now, is that hunters with dogs will probably want to leave their furry hunting partners at home if you’re hunting in the next few weeks.  Hunting will still be allowed on the majority of the Wildlife Area, but caution needs to be exercised.  Due to the elevated levels in the southeast end of Mystic Lake the three blinds nearest Bridge Street will be closed but the rest of the blinds at San Jacinto will still be opened.  Obviously you don’t want to drink any of the water from the ponds (like anybody would want to do that anyway).  Please refer to the photos of the caution and danger signs posted here for details. 

Water testing will be ongoing, and Tom expects that the problem will clear in a few weeks as the weather cools down a bit.  Tom will keep hunters advised at the morning briefing on each hunt day.  I’ll post updates here as Tom advises me.

Bottom line here is, keep your dog at home for the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully this will clear fast and we can get back to business as usual as far as hunting goes at SJWA.

So…2020 hits again.  I’m just waiting for the man-eating Piranha/Mallard hybrids to migrate down here to make the year complete.

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