Ready, Set…Oops! I’ve Got to Go Back to My Truck. Morning Check-in Please Be Ready

As we all know, this year’s a little different.  Due to that check station operations at San Jacinto Wildlife Area have been affected.  Tom Trakes asked me to post a reminder for everybody that they need to be totally ready to go when they reach the check station counter. 

Tom requested that I pass along the necessity to be completely ready to check in and quickly pick you hunting spot so that everybody has time to get out on the Wildlife Area and get set up before start time.  Be sure that everybody in your party is with you, that everybody has their licenses, required stamps, and your type A pass (and that the pass is filled out and signed) before you get to the counter.  There have been instances lately where folks have left licenses or passes in their trucks and have to go back to the parking lot to get them, many instances of the type A day pass not being filled out and even some instances where a member or two of the hunting party checking in isn’t with the other members that are at the counter checking in.

All this slows things down and results in delaying everyone from getting out to their hunting spot with time to set up.  It could even adversely affect your hunt as, even if you were a low draw and got out with plenty of time to set up, the guys in the neighboring blind might be just getting there a few minutes before start time and spook all those nice big birds that were sitting on your pond just waiting for the start horn. 

So, bottom lining it, please have all your ducks in a row (pun intended) before your turn at the check station counter and it will be a big help with things going smoothly and getting everybody out to their hunting spots with time to spare.

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