SoCalHunt hits 10 years old! Woohoo!

November 29, 2010 the SoCalHunt blog appeared online with this inaugural post…

…Initially SoCalHunt focused exclusively on San Jacinto Wildlife Area but over the years has expanded to include reports on the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area, which most of us know as just plane old “Wister”, and the Kern National Wildlife Refuge, known by most of us as just simply “Kern”.   

Over the years I’ve done some gear reviews, probably not as many as I should have but take them for what you think they are worth. I’ve also done reports on our hunting trips, some were great, some were lousy (as far as shooting birds) but every one of them was worth the price of admission and more when you consider WHERE we were hunting and the wildlife viewing (besides the ducks), the outstanding scenery, the sunrises, and the sunsets.  I hope everyone found those entertaining, informative, or at least liked some of the photographs. 

I must throw in an apology at this point as, due to medical issues, (of which I won’t bother anyone with the details, suffice to say it’s non-COVID), it’s doubtful you’ll be seeing any hunting reports this season, (which totally sucks), but I will keep up the hunting results reports.  Hopefully next season will find some things resolved in the area and I’ll be in a better situation and the in-person reports will continue.  Also, any information that needs to be passed along to hunters from the SJ, Wister, or Kern staff members or the DFW will be passed along ASAP.

Also, as a kind of side note, as I’ve occasionally been accused of “driving clicks to my site to make money”.  If it makes anybody feel better, I’ve done this at my own expense as a public service to my fellow hunters and to the Wildlife Area staff as a conduit to get information out to the public.  And no, I’m not crying about that and it’s not a plea for money. If you feel an urge to donate then donate to San Jacinto’s Toy Drive or Junior Hunt. For me it’s not a lot of money and I can afford it.  It’s kind of a hobby connected to hunting in my view.

So, yeah…10 years…and yeah, I’m patting oneself on the back.  Why not?

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