Camping Closed at Wister Due to COVID-19

The state has closed Wister to camping due to the spike in COVID-19. San Jacinto was included in the camping ban even though there is no camp ground at SJ. Below is the text of the notice sent out by Scott Sewell, Senior Fish Wildlife Habitat Supervisor…

Hello all,

We have received formal direction from Sacramento that we are to not allow camping at any of our wildlife areas that include Wister and San Jacinto. This is a direction from the Governor’s office through our Directors Office and NOT of our regional management. We do not have a timeline for this closure but will certainly let you all know if and when it gets lifted. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly apricated, thank you.

Scott Sewell

Senior Fish Wildlife Habitat Supervisor

Department of Fish and Wildlife

WLM, R-6/IDR, Staffed Lands

SJWA (951)928-0580

IWA (760)359-0577

…Let’s hope that’s all they close. Please wear your masks at the check station while checking in or out , no matter your view on them, so they don’t have an excuse to close things down completely.

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