Ok…That Sucked…I’ll Try to Get Y’all Caught Up

I’m sure most of you noticed that SoCalHunt hasn’t posted the hunt results that past couple of weeks.  Well, those health problems I’ve mentioned in the recent past caught up with me and I spent a while I the most expensive hotel in the world (the hospital). Anyway, I’ve been liberated from there and I’m back home, so I’ll try to get y’all caught up with the bird counts.  For sake of simplicity I’m just going to post the numbers but I’ll hopefully get back to my usual format with tonight’s reports.

On a side note, and weirdly coincidently, Kern has not published a hunt result report since 12/19/20 so, at this point, there won’t be any catch-up report for Kern.  I have reached out to them regarding this and I suspect it may be their computer problems popping up again perhaps coupled with the holiday schedule through this period. So, onward and upward.  Hopefully no more “interruptions” this season, although things might not be quite as timely as they’ve been in the past, but I’ll try.

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