Another Great Turnout for San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s September 18th Volunteer Clean Up / Brush Up Work Day

Roughly 30 volunteers showed up bright and early on Saturday, September 18th at San Jacinto Wildlife Area check station parking lot for the volunteer clean-up/blind brush-up work day.  The volunteers fanned out across the Wildlife Area to repair, touch up, clean up, and brush up several of the hunting area’s blinds.  Both mobility impaired blinds were redone as well as the F-1, B-3, and A-2 blinds.  Several other blinds were touched up also to prepare them for the season. Flooding of the ponds is well underway and there are already many ducks using the Wildlife Area.    (pictures at the end of the article).

Palm fronds are still needed for the blinds at SJWA.  There are still a few blinds that could use some touching up and there are always repairs to take care of throughout the season.  If you can bring in any palm fronds you can drop them off at San Jacinto almost any time. Just call Tom at 951-236-3040, or the San Jacinto staff at (951) 928-0580, and they’ll make arrangements so you can drop them off.  Please make sure you don’t bring in the type of palm fronds with the thorns on their stalks unless you’re willing to strip off the thorns first. Those things wreak havoc with waders if the thorns aren’t removed.

Tom wanted to be sure to thank Terry Drung who has come out several days between this work day and the last to lend a hand to the short-handed SJ crew on some of the repairs and touch up of the blinds.  Tom told me that the staff situation as San Jacinto should get better soon as the State has hired on a couple more people for SJ and there should be a few more brought on board soon.  Tom advised that their schedule will be changing soon at SJWA and they will be there on the first three Saturdays in October before the season opener.  If anyone would like to volunteer to do a little more work at SJ you can call the numbers above (in the paragraph about palm fronds) and see what you can do if you’re so inclined.

As always, Tom and the crew at San Jacinto would like to give a massive thank you to everyone that came out and worked hard to help get things in ship-shape for the fast-approaching waterfowl season.  This was especially important this year as, although the SJWA Staff positions are finally being filled they have been extremely short-staffed for many months prior.

So, at this point, it looks like the next “official event” at San Jacinto will be opening day on Saturday, October 23rd.  If you haven’t already tie to get your license, duck validation, federal duck stamp, type “A” day, 2 day, or season pass so you’re all legal and ready to go for the opener.  So, polish up the decoys, get your gear organized, make sure you have your ammo and maybe we’ll see you out there sometime this season.

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