SoCalHunt San Jacinto Hunting Report 11/24/21

2 years 26 days…
757 days…
It’s been that long since SoCalHunt has been able to get out there and pursue our fine aquatic feathered friends. It seems like it was a lot longer.

Today SoCalHunt was in attendance at San Jacinto with my regular hunting partner for an afternoon refill hunt. Both of us have been away from our beloved sport for way to long, coincidently, for completely unrelated medical reasons (which I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say they were non-COVID). We figured for the first time back after such a hiatus we’d go light with the equipment and do an afternoon hunt just to get us re-dialed in.

We left early so we’d have a better chance at getting a good spot on the refill list and were able to get a spot not too far down the list. Since it was still early and none of the blinds we wanted had checked back in yet we decided to head out to Harry’s Café for a nice breakfast and then come back to see what was available.

When we returned, we selected our blind and off we went for a long overdue duck hunt. We got to our blind and set things up and by 11:30 we were hunting. It was mild with the temperature just about at 70 with completely cloudless but hazy skies. Not the best conditions for photography but we were back at SJ so no real complaint there. We were finally hunting again!

Unfortunately, the skies were more than cloudless, they were also duck less. About 2:00 a lone teal buzzed our blind, but it was the old looking right when we should have been looking left and by the time we saw the bird it was already out of range

We continued the waiting game and the wind began to pick up a little giving us hope that it would get the birds moving. Probably around 3:30 a flight of Shovelers came over and my partner was able to get a shot at them as they climbed but he didn’t connect.

Other than that, there was no more action for us today. It was still a great day finally getting back out there and we still enjoyed sitting in a duck blind again solving the world’s problems as we waited for a shot. Hopefully we’ll start getting some migrating birds soon and we’ll have a better hunt, bird-wise next time. We’re going to give it a couple weeks and try it again. Maybe we’ll see you out there.

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