Heads Up! Special Notice for regulations for the Upcoming San Jacinto Wildlife Area Junior Hunt

Tom Trakes wanted me to get the word out to all the Junior Hunters and their adults regarding the regulations that the SJ Staff have to go by for the upcoming Junior Waterfowl Hunt on Saturday, February 5th. Tom wanted to get the word out on this as they simply DO NOT want to have to turn away any Junior Hunter just because they (or their responsible adult) didn’t know.

There are some state and federal regulations that everyone needs to be aware of for Junior Hunters participating in the SJWA Junior Waterfowl hunt.

Participation in the Junior Hunt is limited to Junior Hunters that are under 18 years old on February 5th. This means that if a Junior Hunter’s 18th birthday is on Feb 5th or before they cannot participate in the Junior Hunt.

Any Junior Hunter that is 16 or over on February 5th need the following
in addition to their regular hunting license:

#1 – A California Waterfowl Validation.

#2 – A Federal Duck Stamp.

#3 – A California HIP (Harvest Information Program) Validation.

#4 – A Type “A” Area Pass.

If the Junior hunter will be 16 or over on February 5th and doesn’t have these four items in addition to their regular hunting license GET THEM NOW! Don’t wait! No passes or stamps are sold at the check station and BY LAW the Junior hunter that is 16 or over cannot participate in the hunt without them. Let’s not let anyone get disappointed and make sure everyone has all their ducks in a row (pun intended) so no one gets turned away.

Remember all Junior Hunters must have an adult (non-hunting of course) with them in the blind for the Junior Hunt, at least one adult per blind. If you don’t have a reservation, be sure you’re at the check station (17050 Davis Rd., Nuevo, CA 92567) at 3 AM to get in on the Sweatline Drawing.

Hopefully, this clarifies what the requirements are for the Junior Hunters to participate in the great event, and no one will be disappointed and turned away.

Good luck and great hunting!

Any questions on any of this contact Tom Trakes at 951-236-3040 for any clarification needed.

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