Hunt Results for Kern National Wildlife Refuge Military Vets/Active Duty Hunt, Saturday, 2/12/22

The waterfowl average harvest at the Kern National Wildlife Refuge Military Vets/Active Duty Hunt resulted in a great average for our Military Heroes. Shovelers took the first position for number of ducks bagged with Cinnamon Teal showing up in the second spot. The Kern NWR Staff reported that the results for the Military Vet/Active Duty Hunt on Saturday, 2/12/22 were as follows:

14 Military Vets/Active Duty Hunters checked in with 16 Shovelers, 1 Mallard, 9 Gadwall, 10 Widgeon, 8 Pintail, 9 Green Wing Teal, and 11 Cinnamon Teal. No Geese or Coots were taken by Vets/Active Duty Personnel at Kern on Saturday. This figured out to an average harvest of 4.57 ducks per gun and, of course, with no Geese or Coots to consider in the total, 4.57 waterfowl for each Hunter. Out of 4 reservations cards issued all 4 showed up in time to claim their hunting spot.

So, there you have it, the final hunt of the 2021/2022 season for the Kern National Wildlife Refuge. Congratulations to all the Military Vets/Active Duty Hunters who participated in the harvest.

Watch here for the Kern National Wildlife Refuge season long stats report soon.

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