San Jacinto Wildlife Area August 20th Volunteer Clean-Up / Brush-Up Workday Successful

About 15 volunteers arrived bright and early on Saturday, August 20th at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area check station parking for the volunteer clean-up/blind brush-up workday. The volunteers fanned out across the Wildlife Area to clean up, repair, and brush up several of the hunting area’s blinds. Many of the blinds were brushed up in preparation for flooding and a little general clean-up was accomplished. Some blinds were also repaired and brushed up with palm fronds either brought in by the volunteers or dropped off in the last several weeks at the SJ check station parking lot.

After the work was finished many of the volunteers and the SJ Staff gathered at Marcello’s Pizza Restaurant in Nuevo for a well-deserved lunch.

(I’ll post some pictures below)

As always, Tom and his team at San Jacinto would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that came out and worked hard to start the process of getting things ready for the upcoming waterfowl season.

There will be at least one more blind brush-up/workday to finish getting things in preparation for the coming waterfowl hunting season. The next one is already scheduled for Saturday, September 10th (mark your calendars!). The September 10th work day will concentrate on finishing brushing up the blinds, so palm fronds are needed. If you can bring in any palm fronds any time before the work day you can drop them off at San Jacinto. Just call Tom at (951) 236-3040, or the San Jacinto staff at (951) 928-0580, and they’ll make arrangements so you can drop them off. Please make sure you don’t bring in the type of palm fronds with the thorns on their stalks unless you’re willing to strip off the thorns first. Those things wreak havoc with waders if the thorns aren’t removed.

Again, I’ll emphasize it’s important to have a great turnout in September to make sure everything gets ship shape for the opener. Watch SoCalHunt for an “official” reminder announcement and details of the next blind brush-up/workday as the date approaches.

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