San Jacinto Wildlife Area’s Annual Bryant Park Preschool Toy Drive a Big Success Again!

Once again the San Jacinto Wildlife Area Staff is putting out A BIG THANKS to all the hunters who, as usual, came through BIG TIME to donate toys for the Annual Bryant Park Head Start Preschool Toy Drive. And this year SJWA Bird Watchers joined in and donated quite a few toys too. The San Jacinto hunters and birders came through overwhelmingly and provided the toys needed to make this event a big success for the kids.

The preschool’s kids were presented toys by Santa, (played by SJWA’s own Ricky Gardenias), and it was a wonderful time for the kids and the adults in attendance with some great food and desserts were brought in by the parents and Bryant Park Staff too!

There were 33 Bryant Park Students in attendance and each one got to take home four toys and some even had siblings in attendance that got toys too!
Once again, the Staff at San Jacinto Wildlife Area (and I as well) would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the San Jacinto hunters and birders for their very generous toy donations to make this all possible. SJ hunters, as they always do, have proved they have a heart and really care. This also goes for the SJWA birders who generously joined in on the donations this year too.

Thanks once more for all the generous toy donations!

Here’s a few pictures from the event to tell the story:


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