Hunt Results for Lake Perris, Wednesday – 1/25/23

The average waterfowl bag for the boat hunters at Lake Perris nosedived as compared to last Wednesday’s average. Mergansers (actually Merganser) were (was) found in first position for number of birds harvested with no other birds taken so no second spot. John Rowe of Lake Perris reported that the results for Wednesday, 1/25/23 were as follows:

7 hunters checked in with 1 Merganser. No Geese or Coots were taken by the Lake Perris boat hunters. This came out to an average bag of 0.14 Ducks per gun and, of course, with no Geese or Coots to add to the total, 0.14 waterfowl per person. Out of 9 reservations issued 3 boats showed up on time to claim their spot.

So, that’s it for Lake Perris’ first waterfowl season in 17 years. If the same rules apply next season Lake Perris will be open to waterfowl hunting every Wednesday until noon. Hunting will be done from BOATS ONLY and the drawing for the season’s hunting spots will likely occur sometime in early August. Most likely there will again be no “sweat line” or alternates on the day of the hunt next season. Also likely is that there will be (9) boat in buoy locations each Wednesday that will be awarded by early August lottery. For details on how to get in on the drawing for next season, the boat requirements, and other info for the Lake Perris waterfowl hunting program go to:

Watch for SoCalHunt’s report on Lake Perris’ season-long stats here on SoCalHunt very soon.

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