Hunt Results for the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge Junior Hunt Weekend, Saturday – 2/4/23, Sunday – 2/5/23

The Junior Waterfowl Hunt weekend at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge yielded an awesome average bag for the Junior Hunter participating on Saturday. Shovelers held the first position for the most birds checked in with Ruddy Ducks found in the second spot. The Wister Staff reported that the waterfowl take for the Junior Hunt at Sonny Bono on Saturday, 2/4/23, was as follows:

1 Junior Hunter took home 4 Shovelers, and 3 Ruddy Ducks. No Geese or Coots were taken by the Sonny Bono Junior Hunter on Saturday. This came out to an average take of 7.00 Ducks per Junior Hunter and, of course, with no Geese or Coots to include in the total, 7.00 waterfowl for the Junior Hunter. Reservations are done through the Wister Unit of the Imperial Wildlife Area and can be used for either Wister or Sonny Bono. Out of 104 reservation cards issued to the Junior Hunters 12 came in on time to get their spot.

No Junior Hunters utilized the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday, the second day of the Junior Hunt weekend.

If you’re a Veteran or an Active Duty Military Member you have two more chances to hunt Sonny Bono this season. The after-season Veteran/Active Duty Military hunt, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th at Sonny Bono. Hopefully, our Vets and Active Duty Heroes will take advantage of this opportunity. Here’s hoping our Vets and Active Duty have a great hunt! If you don’t have a reservation for the Vets/Military Hunt you can still get in on the sweatline drawing, just like any regular hunt day, by showing up at Wister to get in on the drawing by 10:30 PM the night before. Reservation spots are given out starting at 3 AM and the “sweat line” spots given out after that. For more information, contact the staff at Wister Staff at 760-359-0577. And, of course, thanks for your service.

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