Dove Season Opens September 1st – San Jacinto Wildlife Area Info

Thursday September 1st is, as it has been for umpteen years, is the opening of dove season in California.  Tom Trakes, from San Jacinto Wildlife Area, wanted me to announce that the entire wildlife area will be opened to dove hunting for the first four days of the season.  From opening day, Thursday September 1st, until Sunday September 4th, hunters may pursue doves not only on the upland areas of San Jacinto but they can also attempt to bag the little gray rockets around the area’s duck ponds.  For the remainder of the dove season, until September 15th, dove hunting will be allowed only on the upland areas of San Jacinto.  Hunting doves in the waterfowl area of SJ won’t be allowed after September 4th.

Traditionally SJ only opened the waterfowl area to dove hunting on opening day but since the opener is on a Thursday this year it was decided to open the entire wildlife area through the first weekend.

Tom also wanted to remind everyone that this year, due to new DFW regulations only non-toxic shot may be used on the wildlife area.  This means NO LEAD SHOT is allowed at any time at SJ whether you’re duck hunting, upland hunting or rabbit hunting.    Be sure you don’t have any lead shot with you if you’re going to hunt San Jacinto, or any other state wildlife area or refuge this year.  Wardens will be checking and possession of even one round of lead shot could get you a citation.  Also, don’t forget that your old hunting license expired at the end of June.  Don’t be caught without your 2016/17 hunting license and your upland endorsement on you license.

Tom told me that they are seeing more dove utilizing SJ this year than ever before.  I’m not going to kid you though, that’s not to say that you’re going to limit out in an hour, like you might be able to do down at Niland or someplace like that but you have a good chance of bagging a few bird close to home.

As a reminder, if you’re thinking about hitting up SJ for the dove opener, you might want to attend the next Blind Brush-Up work day scheduled for the Saturday before the dove opener, on Saturday, August 27th.  It’s a great way to scout out the area for the coming dove opener.

Info on the Blind Brush-Up work day here:

Hopefully there won’t be any last minute thunder storms to chase the birds out of the area and if you choose to try your luck at San Jacinto things are looking pretty good for the opener.

Hope to see you out on good old SJ some time.

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