SoCalHunt Gear Review – StepDaddy Truck Ladder

Today SoCalHunt will review the StepDaddy Truck Ladder.

If you’re like me, especially if you own a full size 4X4 pickup, the StepDaddy Ladder is a real handy accessory to have for your truck.  As you get older, (like me), it can be even more important to have a way to climb up into the bed of your truck.

The StepDaddy Ladder is a very strong and sturdy steel ladder that is attached to the tailgate of your truck and actually stores on the inside of the tailgate so it’s ready for use at any time.  The ladder, when needed, swings around and extends to the ground, and even has a grip handle that folds out, so you can easily climb into the bed of your truck.

Also, a trait of the ladder that I really like, is that you can remove it from the tailgate of your truck in seconds without any tools.  To remove the StepDaddy Ladder you just open your tailgate, rotate the ladder 180 degrees and lift.  The videos on the StepDaddy Ladder website explain it much better than I can in a few words here. (Link to website below)

Now, a few words of caution and/or suggestions.  My truck is a full size 4X4 and is not lifted and does not have super big tires.  The inside of my tailgate is about 41 inches off the ground on level ground.  With the StepDaddy Ladder on my truck, when I use it, I have to extend it out to the last hole for it to reach the ground.  If you have a lifted 4X4 and/or larger tires on your truck the StepDaddy ladder may not work for you.  There appears to be some room on the top of the section of the ladder that adjusts that you might be able to drill some additional adjustment holes to get a couple more inches but you’d have to determine if that’s something you need or want to do.  Also, as you can see in my pictures above, in my case the lip on my tailgate cap had to be notched to accommodate the ladder.  This is not a real common problem as that lip on my tailgate is due to the shell I have on my truck and the design of my trucks tailgate.  That lip is an aftermarket tailgate cap to give my shell door (rear window) something to nest against when it’s closed.  Most trucks and shells won’t have that problem to deal with.  Also, if you don’t have a shell or a locking tailgate it would be possible for someone to jack your StepDaddy Ladder.  If your tailgate locks (as long as you lock it) or if your bed is enclosed with a shell I don’t believe there’s any way someone could make off with your ladder.  Although, if you don’t have the mounting plates for the ladder I don’t know what use it would be to someone.

The price for the StepDaddy Ladder is currently listed on their website as $219.00 plus shipping fees.  Yes, there are cheaper tailgate ladders but this is a case of you get what you pay for.  I’ve had one of those cheaper ladders and I think I used it twice and then decided that it (the other ladder) was almost useless as it didn’t feel stable and the “steps” were something like 1/2“ square steel. I didn’t feel safe on it and the design, which had you climb in from the side of the tailgate, caused interference from the tailgate cables.

If you want to order a StepDaddy Ladder for your truck I would strongly suggest you call their number (877-477-7154) and chat with Kay Fisher about the StepDaddy Ladder if you have any question about how or if it will fit on your truck.  You can also email Kay on the “email us today” link at the top right corner of their website.  Kay will give you great customer service (as she did with me) and is very responsive to any questions you might have.  They do have two designs of the StepDaddy Ladder.  The standard one adjusts to the length you need and then is bolted together so it is always at the same length.  The second type (the one I have) is adjustable with pins you pull so you can adjust the length of the ladder as needed.  This is a necessity if you need the longer ladder as it would be too long to store on the inside of the tailgate if it wasn’t adjustable.  If you have a 2X4 truck the one that bolts together will probably work for you, if you have a full sized 4X4 you’ll probably need the adjustable one (which as far as I can tell isn’t listed on their website yet – Ask Kay about it – I believe it costs a little more too, but not a lot more).

Anyway, if you want a great easy way to get into your truck bed check out the StepDaddy Ladder at the above website.


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